Expand the Conversations – AIME 2019

Expand the Conversations – AIME 2019

AIME 2019 is going to be more engaging, more conversations driven, with Business – Networking – Knowledge at the heart of the show. Buyers, Exhibitors and Partners from a far expansive region have confirmed to attend. A new show with a new look and feel, more vibrant, more colourful, with better show floor layout and design, new fabrics and flavours and a new identity to top it all. Presenting, AIME 2019 – Re-packaged, Re-branded, Re-launched.

Shekhaar | Editor | MICE INDIAA | 23 September 2018

At the AIME 2019 edition, the show’s geographic footprints are set to Expand substantially. The ROI for exhibitors and partners will witness a progressive and positive change. And the Knowledge sharing is going to be bountiful, with new alliances in place.

Expand the Reach

conversations-aime-2019The 2019 edition will bring along more, qualitatively better Hosted Buyers, extending to the untouched Asia-Pacific regions previously. One can expect upto 70% increase in Hosted Buyers figures, with more buyers from across Australasia, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. Till date 200+ Hosted Buyers have already committed to the event, with 61% from outside of Australia.

Talk2Media & Events – the show’s new management and delivery partners 2019 edition onwards, are making a healthy investment in a match-making Software for the benefits of the Hosted Buyers community. It is a no-brainer that an apt software system, for result-driven match-making process will lead to better commercial outcomes. Centium Software, has been roped in with its offering EVENTS AIR that will enable a series of online preferences to create pre-scheduled meetings – ensuring that every meeting at AIME has the potential to deliver great business.

Over 14,000 pre-scheduled business meetings are expected to take place on the show floor. It is envisaged that the time duration of these one-on-one meetings could extend upto 15-20 minutes. As a pre-requisite, the Hosted Buyer will take upto 16 meetings per day. Exhibitors and delegates alike will experience an expansion in ROI.

Talk2 Media & Events Director Matt Pearce shared “The ROI expected from AIME has declined over the years. We are confident and have no doubt that we can bring the ROI back”. Matt said that the new show is positioned as an Asia Pacific Incentive Travel show, rather than just an Australasia show. The large number of overseas Buyers already committed to the show is testimony to the fact that one will generate a higher ROI from the edition.

He also commented “Hosted buyers, both quantity and quality, together with geographic spread are core to underpinning the future success of AIME. We have invested heavily into the Hosted Buyer Program and it’s pleasing to receive strong early interest from buyers in Asia-Pac and Australia alike.”


Jay Martens, AIME Event Director

Jay Martens, AIME Event Director comments “For more than two decades AIME has been at the heart of the business events industry in Australia and the whole Asia Pacific region. We meet so many people who trace their start in the industry to the first AIME they attended. For us as a team, is it such a privilege to have been chosen to lead the event to a new future; a future that focuses on delivering business and creating a community that has a significant impact on the global business events industry.”

Hosted Buyer expressions of interest are vetted for professional suitability before being invited to register for the Hosted Buyer Program. Registration details cover experience, annual event budgets, purchasing authority, and their event portfolio over the next five years. With up to four reference checks this comprehensive assessment of applicants ensures the right buyers will be at AIME in 2019.

Expand the Engagement


Flexible Booth Designs Options and Offers

Talk2Media & Events have been encouraging suppliers to come up with creative booth designs and concepts that entice all the delegates. The team has developed a modular booth concept with one of the partners – Decorative Events & Exhibitions. These stands will be simple, elegant and yet allow the flexibility of customization, so exhibitors can represent their brands individually. Decorative Events stylists work with each exhibitor to help realize their goal, but within agreed budgets.

Exhibitors can connect with the buyers at AIME, with new stand designs and a simplified participation offer, with all inclusive exhibitor stand packages. Time is valuable and committing to the entire three-day event isn’t always practical. So AIME 2019 edition, will offer a host of options for participation. Participation through Hosted Buyer Program or flexible 1-2-3 day packages or Inclusive and flexible booth packages models, will offer the exhibitor a much better measurable return on their investment.

“The business events industry is a unique and diverse pool of people. By creating a flexible program, we are offering all buyers the opportunity to attend the event at a level that suits their availability and objectives. Being fully engaged in the whole program, or just having a taste of the event, buyers can find those serendipitous moments. Our new offer is the fruit of countless conversations with various stakeholders over the past months.” explained AIME Event Director Jay Martens.

Expand the Knowledge

conversations-aime-melbourneFor personal and professional Growth and Development of people through education, AIME has announced new partnerships with pre-eminent organisations – PCMA and ICCA, who will curate a basket of knowledge sessions. Global Industry Association Partnerships like these represent a solid commitment, to deliver an outstanding AIME edition. The Supporting Partnership with MEA brings industry professionalism and excellence to AIME.

Accredited-trainings by organisations par excellence enhance the content quotient, creating uniqueness around the event.

The galas and the networking opportunities, will offer informal professional interactions against the backdrop of Asia Pacific leading industry trade show – AIME. The 2019 edition will have more of these networking events, even during the day on the show floor, for the community to interact and network. Your never know, when these may translate into unexpected business opportunities.

With a suite of other changes and innovations planned for AIME 2019, this will be the event to launch the calendar year, start the conversations and drive business agendas.

About AIME

conversations-aime-melbourne-2019AIME – Asia Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event is owned by Melbourne Convention Bureau and managed by Talk2 Media & Events. Now in its 28th edition, at AIME the key pillars of success have centred around Knowledge, Commerce, Networking and Conversations. Building on this community, AIME is broadening and enriching the number and variety of attendees to the event, creating a platform to make new friends and drive new business partnerships.

Talk2 Media & Events are passionate about events and the industry, and champion their vision for a dynamic, meaningful AIME. AIME is slated for 18-20 February 2019, Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre, Australia.

Connect for Conversations:
Buyer information Bernadette.panton@talk2.media
Sales information Laura.reddaway@talk2.media or deen.haniff@talk2.media

Registration now open. Visit AIME

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