Corporate Incentive Travel: ‘Value-driven’ MICE

Corporate Incentive Travel: ‘Value-driven’ MICE

Corporate Incentive Travel is booming. India’s position in the Global Travel Index is constantly breaking all barriers and hitting the roof; it is the world’s fastest growing travel economies along with the fastest growing business economy in the world. Luxxury MICE Travel, India’s fastest growing MICE and Corporate Incentive Travel firm shares insights

Shekhar | Editor | MICE INDIA | 9 August 2017

Corporate Incentive Travel Programs

MICE today is the buzzword in the travel domain. The influx of MICE operators in the last three years has hit an unprecedented growth trajectory. Executives are travelling to trade shows for knowledge enrichment, skill enhancement and networking. MICE is now an important component of any travel and trade show. A clear indication that India as a MICE destination is fast blossoming and this is an extremely significant and positive trend.

As we embark to take our first baby steps into the world of MICE, every Planner should endeavor to maximize ‘value’ from each element within the ecosystem, to deliver a successful MICE program. The starting point for any MICE activity is the key objective that has been set to be achieved or the desired result / behavior and the second most crucial element is the demographic profile of the travelling target group. As the planner connects the dots between the above two, the blueprint for the MICE program begins to take shape. The more homogeneous the target profile easier it is to create a MICE program, while planning for a diverse audience profile could be a little more challenging even for an experienced MICE planner.

Corporate Incentive Travel: Maximizing the Value

corporate-incentive-travel-mice-programThe game-changer, in almost all cases, is the one who brings in the highest ‘value’ on the table. Value does not necessarily always mean out-of-the-box thinking or innovation or luxury, it is that one single uniqueness around which the entire MICE program is woven. Just one experiential event can deliver a highly motivational engagement amongst the audience, resulting in achievement of the principle objective. A MICE activity without a wow element, is simply not MICE.

Maximize the value for your MICE group by advocating the right destination choices keeping in mind the demographics of the travelers. Cultural connect with the destination can work either ways. Sometimes travelling to a destination with diametrically opposite cultural connect could work wonders and be highly experiential, while in some cases it might not go well with the audience. Language is another area of concern; weather and what time of year is best for the destination is equally critical. All said and done, whatever the religion, whatever the part of the country the traveler belongs to, food is the most integral component of any MICE program for the Indian community. And the list goes on and on.

Corporate Incentive Travel – Post Program Analysis

Post the program – it is equally imperative to conduct an analysis whether the desired output has been achieved and has the ‘value’ delivered what it was designed for. Such an activity is usually conducted in more mature MICE markets around the globe. Going forward India too will have to incorporate this as a part of the larger MICE program. So earlier its inclusion as a component of the ecosystem, will help create and deliver higher value for future programs.

It is so much easier to pitch and sell a well curated ‘value-driven’ MICE program, if the person on the opposite side of the table is able to visualize the value the program is designed to deliver. An experienced MICE planner should never lose sight of the broader objective that has been set out for a MICE activity. And the wow factor. And finally the ‘value’.


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