European Union Experiential Cheese Showcase

European Union Experiential Cheese Showcase

The European Union and National Interprofessional Center of the Dairy Economy, France (CNIEL) showcase a wide and rich cultural diversity of cheese from France and Europe, as part of “Open your taste” program and take Indians on an experiential Cheese trail

Shekhar | Editor | MICE INDIA | 15 December 2017

European Union and CNIEL – Showcase Cheese varieties

The European Cheese is the finest variety of Cheese in the world and the culinary world recognizes its diversity. The Climatic conditions of Europe support Cheese production and consumption, and so do the dairy products. So much so that the dairy industry in the European Union is the most productive and the most successful in the world. The art of Cheese production dates way back to the ancestral era, whose skills have been passed on over generations and improved by modern science and technology to produce a wide variety of fine cheese.

Some of the finest varieties include the: French Camembert, Italian Burrata; Soft ones like the Brie, Camembert, Reblochon; Semi-soft like the Raclette, Morbier; Hard like Emmental, Beaufort, Mimolette, Tomme de Savoie; and the most famous Blue Cheese like the Bleu de Auvergne, and Bleu de Gex; the range of cheese is highly diverse.

The European Union is highly strict when it comes to Cheese, as the product forms a part of daily consumption for the European nations, thus all endeavors are designed to produce the best and safest quality of Cheese. The CNIEL (National Interprofessional Center of the Dairy Economy, France), is a privately-run organization whose main objective is to promote dairy products and to facilitate relationships between dairy producers and processors.


Chef François Robin (second from left) with MICE INDIA Editor Shekhar (extreme right)

Under the “Open your taste” program of European Union & the CNIEL, India is one of the key markets to showcase the wide & rich cultural diversity of cheese from France & from Europe. As part of several initiatives lined up to showcase and create more awareness about cheese, the European Union brought François Robin – one of the best Cheese Monger in France, to prepare delicacies with European cheese and pair with Indian spices. For the uninitiated, a Cheese Monger is like a Wine Sommelier, skilled in the art of appreciating and smelling Cheese.

At a recent Luxury MICE event, Chef François Robin delivered a great presentation and developed amazing concepts of the Indian recipes in the buffet arrangement, along with Chef Jyoti.

Indian palate for Cheese

The trends for Indian consumption on Cheese indicate Indians are getting more experimental and adventurous; and would like to experience new concepts like Cheese. The conventional home-made white Cottage Cheese is taking a big hit, as the Indian working women population is increasing. Also with the Indian market opening upto Wines as against Scotch and Beer, the Cheese shares its best connect and pairings with Wine. Truly, the Indian market is opening upto globally best varieties of Cheese.

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