Heavent Meetings Tradeshow – Robust Business Proposition

Heavent Meetings Tradeshow – Robust Business Proposition

Heavent Meetings is a European Tradeshow dedicated to facilitate one-on-one business meeting opportunity between the Hotels/Venues and Event Service Providers. The 12th edition is slated to be held at Cannes from 28-29 March 2018. MICE INDIA reports

Shekhar | Editor | MICE INDIA | 21 January 2018

Heavent Meetings – High Value Tradeshow

Heavent-Meetings-TradeshowsThe Weyou Group, organizer of several tradeshows, is back with the 12th edition of its flagship show – the Heavent Meetings MICE and Events show and its signature Heavent Awards. The tradeshow brings forth 500+ top-level Decision-makers and Purchase Heads from leading Corporates in France and Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Austria) to meet-interact-purchase hotels-venues-event solutions through pre- scheduled meetings.

Heavent Meetings – Strong ‘Confirmed’ Business Value

Heavent-Meetings-Tradeshows-LileeThe success proven formula brings over 500 hosted buyers, who travel on a 3-day all-expense paid trip to Cannes and interact in 8,550 pre-scheduled meetings and 840 pre-scheduled business lunches. The buyers are 100{3fa1768a34f590735d448042a6c3256e40839d9d51c629aaab52c6482db8b206} event industry buyers, travelling to find solutions and buy for short and medium term projects. The business development proposition is extremely strong; the meetings are highly value added, delivering immediate revenues to event/venue providers.

The qualification for participating at the event is stringent and follows a practice developed and mastered over the years – it’s a commitment by Decision-makers on contract and the attendance is controlled and monitored by pre-scheduled diary appointment – allowing both parties a qualitative alliance.

Several networking opportunities are available throughout the day to connect and network between potential partners and clients – at the booth; at the VIP lounge; at the networking reception and finally at the gala night and the awards ceremony.

The exhibition covers the entire MICE and Events spectrum: Audio-Visual and allied Equipments, Design and Decor, Venues, Technology, Food and Cuisine, Services.

Heavent Awards – Call for Entries

Heavent-Meetings-Awards-2017One of the most beautifully designed event every exhibitor and client looks to participate is the Heavent Awards. The Award recognizes the best Event talent-work-expertise-achievement executed for a client in the last year. It’s also a great opportunity to showcase your best to a corporate jury including L’Oreal, Nike, Coca Cola from France, Royal Dutch Shell from the Netherlands, Beiersdorf and Continental from Germany and the likes.

Heavent-Meetings-LogoThis year event agencies can participate by sending entries in the following eight domains: Event Award B2C, Event Award B2B, Internal communication Event Award, Exceptional Event Award, Sport, Cultural, Educational or Entertainment Event Award, Integrated or Multichannel Event Award, Brand experience Event Award and Forum, Summit, Congress, Fair Award.

Last date of entry submission is: 5 February 2018.

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