One Trillion revenues by TCEB – Magical performance

One Trillion revenues by TCEB – Magical performance

TCEB consistent performance over the last 13 years of its MICE journey has delivered magical results for the nation. With its MICE friendly policies, coupled with an amazing infrastructure has brought in one trillion Thai Baht revenues to Thailand. Absolutely Incredible!!!

Shekhaar | Editor | MICE INDIAA | 16 September 2018

One Trillion Revenues #TCEB

TCEBs Consistency in its MICE efforts in 13 years is the key reason for having generated one trillion Thai Baht revenues; apart from great Infrastructure, MICE-friendly environment, incentives to Meeting Planners and Organizers, New Cluster Cities developments, Efforts on Sustainability, Shopping and Experiences for the travellers, it’s Bleisure positioning, connectivity, world-class airline, Visa-friendly policy, Networking and Partnership policies, Partnerships with Locals, Business and Digital tools, Knowledge and soft Skill-upgradation programs for youth, and many more.

I have personally been an ardent fan of TCEB and also passionate about Thailand as a MICE destination, as I Plan and Organize atleast 5-6 events in Thailand each year. And so I can relate well and vouch for the same.

In a year or so, TCEB hosts about 20-odd international MICE events and grants support to more than 5,000 MICE events in the country and around the globe. The past 13 years have been extremely successful with Thailand winning over 300 bids for Global Meetings, Exhibitions and Association Conferences in Thai cities.

Dr. Atchaka Sibunruang, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB, is happy at the way TCEB has been shaping up and bringing good news for Thailand as a destination.

2017 statistics showcased that TCEB and operators in the MICE industry had created a positive impact on the Thailand’s economy in many ways. MICE expenditure stood as high as 231,200 million baht, contributing 173,000 million baht, or 1.1%, to the country GDP said Dr. Atchaka.

One Trillion – Strategy

one-trillion-innovations-tcebEach year TCEB unveils a Marketing Strategy focused on New Business Development, aiming to bring into its ambit a larger share of the global pie into its kitty. This year 2019 strategy shall aim at Economic Development, Innovation, and Income Distribution, which shall form the bases for all marketing and promotional tools, assisting TCEB to further the benchmarks, achieve the new targets and raise the industry bar.

1) Economic development: TCEB is poised to promote Thailand as a MICE destination of choice for new industries like Aviation, Biofuels, Medical, Robotics and Logistics. The bureau shall encourage partnerships and alliances to successfully bring in more MICE movements from these sectors.

2) Innovations for Industry: Digital and Marketing promotional tools have helped organisations and nations win over successful businesses. The Online Apps and Tools by TCEB are just the case in point, for organizers and travellers alike. More partnerships like these are on the anvil, with TCEB pushing for innovations from start-ups in the MICE Industry.

3) Inclusive Distribution of Wealth: TCEB believes in Local communities to the core. In every event one can witness a strong flavour of local fabric. Be it Communities in Art, Shopping, Food or Dance, All-inclusivity is given for TCEB. And this is a great noble cause. TCEB has a Cooperative Promotion Department that assists partnerships of all sorts with communities, thereby empowering them with growth and expansion.

TCEB is set for reforms to drive the growth of MICE industry. And the Bureau is extremely bullish on MICE, said Dr. Atchaka as a concluding positive note.

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