Slovenia. Land of Unique Experiences. LOVE you.

Slovenia. Land of Unique Experiences. LOVE you.

Slovenia – Green, Clean, healthy Water Springs Capital, destination for Food lovers, amazing Wellness experiences, crazy winter Skiing holiday options, Cultural Capital, and lots more; you will fall short of words and phrases as you set on a journey to describe Slovenia; a green boutique destination for 5-star experiences. A MICE INDIAA story

Shekhaar | Editor | MICE INDIAA | 27 January 2019

It is a no brainer, you will feel in LOVE with Slovenia, as you read about the destination and its incredible experiences. No wonder, it is the only destination in the world with LOVE in its name. So true to its name.

To start with, Slovenia (a small country with just about 2.5 million people) is the first country in the world to be awarded a Green Destination certification by Green Destinations Criteria. And the capital Ljubljana the title of European Green Capital 2016.

Second, and everyone agrees, Water is the key feature of the Slovenian landscape. Wherever you look at it, Slovenia is all about water. Clean, safe and healthy water, even drinking water very safe with highest contents of magnesium. Mineral and thermal springs are located all around the destination and people enjoy it to the fullest.

For Spa lovers, it’s the ultimate heavenly destination. Once has a choice between numerous Thermal Spas to choose from and indulge in therapeutic, rejuvenating experiences. Whether it is for Healing or simply Preventive, or sheer Wellness or just being You, Slovenia offers a large bouquet of wellness resorts and programs to suit every lifestyle. It’s an oasis for wellness.

For the foodies too, Slovenia is a boon. Its capital Ljubljana ranks third in a survey by BBC among the top 10 foodie destinations in 2019. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the food in outdoors, locally produced Slovenian Wines offer a wide variety. The markets, the city and the meandering water sources within the city make it an ideal destination for food and wine enthusiasts.

When Green is the city benchmark, Sustainability is crucial. The destination also ranks #1 on Sustainability parameters. The World’s most Sustainable Country 2017. Slovenia ranked high 96 out of 100 sustainability indicators (environment and climate, culture and authenticity, nature and biodiversity, and more). The latest on the charts – The Jakob International Award won by Fonda Fish Farm, for the theme New Sustainable Hunting, Fishing and Wildlife Observation Tourism Forms.

The Skiing enthusiasts – People from all over Europe travel to Slovenia for its Alps and the slopes are perfect for skiing. Every year Skiing Championships are held at Maribor – one of the oldest cities in Slovenia. This year too – the renowned Golden Fox Trophy skiing Women World Cup happens in Maribor the 1-2 February 2019. Snow covered Alps are favorites among adults and children alike.

For the uninitiated, Lake Bled is the symbol of Slovenia’s beauty. Wines, Olive oils and natural hot water springs too are on the favorite list.

Feel Green, Active and Healthy Slovenia! #ifeelsLOVEnia

Slovenian Tourist Board

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