Smart Thailand: Prosperity through Collaboration, Innovation, Sustainability

Smart Thailand: Prosperity through Collaboration, Innovation, Sustainability

Smart Thailand 4.0 – The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) has launched its MICE Strategy and new Branding – Smart Thailand 4.0 – Driving the Thailand economy forward through Collaboration, Innovation, Partnerships, Education and Sustainability. MICE INDIAA Editor Shekhaar shares a comprehensive story

Bangkok | Shekhaar | Editor | MICE INDIAA | 19 October 2018

The aggressive collaborative efforts of TCEB have consistently been delivering magical results for destination Thailand MICE Industry and the economy as well. With over 1.30 million Business Visitors to Thailand generating 124 billion Thai Baht in 2018, the government is targeting to push the figures to 130 billion Thai Baht from 1.40 million business travellers in 2019. The ICCA and UFI rankings have ranked Thailand as one of the top MICE and Business Events destinations; and Thailand is continuously attracting the best of global Business Events and Visitors to the country.

The Royal Thai Government is looking at the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) as a ‘Sunrise’ corridor, which will be the Gateway to Asia in the future. The Administration is making a huge investment in the corridor and infrastructural work is already progressing at a fast pace.

12 National Development Plans, Regional Development Plans, Cluster Plans, Infrastructural and SEZ Plans have been designed and created, to emerge stronger than ever before. Joint collaborative development plans have been initiated with all Asean countries for more sustainable region growth. The MICE and Business Events industry has been accorded second highest priority, next only to Agriculture.

Smart Thailand – Eastern Economic Corridor

Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya – TCEB President

Thailand has several MICE Ready Cities – with Bangkok in the Central region, Phuket in the South, Pattaya in the East, Chiang Mai in the North and Khon Kaen in the West. With the EEC, the entire country will be well connected with other Asean countries, giving an easy access to reach other Thailand destinations. The three new provinces in the EEC, namely Chachoengsao, Chonburi and Rayong are being developed extensively across all facets of MICE and Business Events, and will bring along rapid advancements in the region.

The new U-Tapao International airport will be a game-changer and simultaneously ease the burden on Bangkok Swarnabhoomi International Airport. The new Laem Chabang seaport will be the World’s largest seaport, with a pier in Pattaya. The upgradation of the massive Eastern Economic Corridor infrastructural projects covering – Chonburi, Chachoengsao, Rayong, Pattaya, Sriracha, Laem Chabang has already commenced. A high-speed rail connectivity in the region is underway. International Rail connectivity between Laos, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand is progressing well. The highways projects are being upgraded to Super Highways. A Digital Park in Sriracha and an Innovations Park at Rayong, to lead the digital and innovations drive for Thailand.

Smart Thailand – Branding Strategy 4.0

smart-thailand-mice-indiaaTCEB has created a niche Branding Strategy for Thailand – the Smart Thailand 4.0 – Strategy for MICE and Business Events. TCEB shares that not only will Thailand deliver a Supportive, a Marketer, a hand-holding service partner with Event Organizers and Planners now on, but it will play the role of an Event Enabler, a Promoter, a Co-Creator, a Thought Leader, a Developer and a Collaborator for Business Events and MICE being organized in Thailand.

The future for driving the economy of Thailand lies in an Innovations driven-economy; the new S-Curve industries, as have been identified by Thailand and TCEB. The 10 S-Curve Industries are likely to bring in several MICE events to Thailand, generating huge economic benefits to the country. The new Industries of the future include Automotive, Intelligent Electronics, Agriculture and Biotechnology, Food Processing, Medical and Wellness, Digital, Robotics, Aviation and Logistics, Health and finally Biofuel and Biochemical.

TCEB is on its way working towards an Air Show Business Event, large Robotics exhibition and combining one Beauty show to create several large shows at the destination. 2018-19 shall witness large scale Business Events like the Intermach, Manufacturing Expo, Automach, Robocup, World Robo Olympiad, IATA Legal Symposium, Asian Ground Handling International Conference, Future Energy Asia, Medical Devices Asean, Beyond Beauty, Techsauce Global Summit and CEBIT Asean; and the likes. With events like these already in Thailand kitty and with TCEB partnerships, the economic benefits one one side and the multiplier benefits on the other are likely to be incredible and inclusive.

Smart Thailand – Prosperity through Sustainability

smart-thailand-miceindiaThe EEC offers a conducive ecosystem that encourages Collaborative and Public Private Partnerships for Innovations and joint Research and Development of the region. Universities, Local communities, Local residents are encouraged to participate, as this development shall result in inclusive-growth, elevating quality of life and uplifting local communities along the region. Overall the country will be propelled towards prosperity through sustainability.

The Private Investors are encouraged to make investments in these projects, and also bring industries along the way with long-term incentives on tax-savings.

No doubt, that with its new Smart Thailand Strategy 4.0 Thailand is going to leap forward its Business Events and MICE initiatives. And deliver a strong thrust for the national economy. Really, Smart Thailand. #miceindia #tceb

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