Taiwan showcases TAIPEI impressive MICE Environment

Taiwan showcases TAIPEI impressive MICE Environment

Taiwan has announced to the world that it is ready for MICE in a big way. With a current strong focus on the Japanese and Korean markets, the Taipei City Government is making an aggressive pitch by organising and participating in Overseas Promotional and Networking events. A MICE INDIAA story

Shekhaar | Editor | MICE INDIAA | 14 June 2018

Taiwan MICE – Active. Aggressive. Dynamic.

Meet-in-taiwanThe Department of Information and Tourism (DOIT), Taipei City Government has chalked out a clear, result-driven, future marketing strategy for promoting Taiwan as the hub for MICE activities. The destination aims to activate premium, high-quality MICE groups from Korean and Japanese markets, to choose Taiwan as their next MICE destination.

The Department and the Government are jointly participating in all MICE Events and Exhibitions in the region. The June 2018 MEET TAIWAN overseas Networking Events held in Seoul and Fukuoka & Osaka have witnessed an active participation by the DOIT. Interestingly, the Korean and Japanese incentive-travel enterprises have shown a high degree of commitment for the city of Taipei.

Taiwan – MICE Marketing Programs and Incentives

Taiwan City by the Night

Taiwan has created several custom-designed theme-itineraries for MICE groups, focussing on history, culture, and cultural-creativity, convenient transportation for quick handy use and reference of meeting planners. The highlights include the Taipei Double-Decker Sightseeing Bus and Taipei Fun Pass, and the city’s highly diversified incentive-travel sponsorship program. On the top of the charts is the hottest topic has been the new Michelin Guide Taipei, a powerful focus of promotion – Sharing the Joys of Michelin Stardom — Sampling Taipei’s Fine Cuisine.


Taiwan famous Lantern Festival

The DOIT will sponsor upto NT$300,000, organise a Mayor Letter of Welcome, for planners and MICE professionals willing to choose Taiwan as a MICE destination for their groups. Additionally, the Taipei Double-Decker Sightseeing Bus Ticket Discount, Taipei-theme souvenir gifts and a whole lot of other incentives like the Tickets/Passes and combination gift packages containing treats from the restaurant Tien Hsiang Lo, bestowed with one Michelin star.

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