Top Three Global MICE Trends

Top Three Global MICE Trends

If you ask businesses, across spectrum of industries as to what is the top most trend affecting/ influencing their business; the answer in most cases would be Technology. And that’s certainly true. Technology has definitely been the biggest enabler and game-changer in the two decades or so. But when it comes to MICE, no doubt Technology has been critical, but MICE has moved beyond just technology. Shekhaar, Editor MICE INDIAA reviews Top Three Global MICE Trends shaping the world of MICE

Shekhaar | Editor | MICE INDIAA | 14 February 2019

As for almost all business Technology has been the trending trend for many years. For MICE, other trends have taken over to become the top three global MICE trends.


Inclusivity. Involving local communities and bringing local flavor to the MICE event ranks third amongst top three global MICE trends. Bringing local artisans, local industry, small local elements of uniqueness with the objective of promoting their service, is a current trend seen amongst almost all MICE events. At the MICE Hyderabad event, one could witness local communities selling pottery, jewelry, hand-made soaps, incense sticks. A young painting artist painting large murals and also obliging delegates with a quick live pencil sketch. The happy delegates obliged the artist with a selfie uploading his art form on their social media pages.
At another MICE event, the local communities hand-prepared food/salads/fruits and served it in a manner that was a representation of the local culture, values and traditions.


MICE is all about Human Software. The success of any MICE event is highly dependent upon and directly proportional to the soft skills of the team organizing the event. The team needs to continuous enhance their skills in a variety of services, to be able to deliver a flawless event. And MICE platforms and events are bringing the best speakers from around the globe to share current industry trends and best practices. The experienced speakers and researchers bring in insights from around the globe and share it with audiences, who eventually benefit from these thoughts. Most of the MICE exhibitions lay greater emphasis on such educational sessions and the rooms are jam-packed. The thirst for knowledge is immense.

Last year 2018 August 11th ICPB Conventions India Conclave in Kolkata brought in the globally best speakers, to share Industry best practices. And sessions saw a galaxy of star speakers who shared the current global trends in MICE.

And the globally top MICE trends is Sustainability.


Pricewaterhouse Coopers study of the Meetings Industry suggests that 600,000,000 tons of event waste is generated at Events and Meetings in US alone. The President of the Board of Green Meetings Industry Council (GMIC) and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) share that Events and Meetings Industry waste makes it the second largest waste generating Industry in the US.

So much so is the importance of Sustainability that destinations like Gothenburg (Sweden) has passed Legislations on MICE events in the city. These legislations need to be followed strictly if a MICE event needs to be organized. Such is the dedication and importance placed on the concept of Sustainability. Making the Earth a Greener and a better place to live and make it more live able for the future generations is the call of the hour.

Food – an integral part of any event, has gone organic and local produce is preferred. Wine and Beers also are being given due importance to be locally sourced. Meat is going off completely from the events. Food charity at the end of the day is welcomed. Disposable cutlery and plates are being procured. Coffee mugs are being promoted to be brought from home. Plastic Water bottles are losing steam. Paper stationery and communication/marketing literature is completely thrown off the shelf. Pen drives and USBs are being used instead.

Changes at Infrastructural level and energy efficient products are being promoted. Large glass facades are being added; Solar paneled hot water is added; water recycling is promoted; rain water harvesting is mandatory in newer projects; re-useable furniture and carpets also are promoted; exhibits are becoming green; chemical-free paints and modular structures are also promoted by organizers; sustainable lanyards; and more.

Delegates are advised to use direct flights as against hopping flights; use public transport or walk-to-the-venue or cycle is talk of the town; all communications is electronic and no hard copies are printed for delegates; wellness and well-being, yoga sessions, meditation places are added to the expos.

It is heart-warming to witness that India has adapted to these fast growing global MICE trends; and is ready to take MICE to the next level. But miles to go.

The Editor and CEO MICE INDIAA, Shekhaar, was speaking today at the MICE Travel India 2019 at Taj Bengal Kolkata. Organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC Kolkata), the Travel show witnessed some of the best speakers from around the country coming together and speaking at the forum.

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