TCEB deepens Strategic Partnerships in Events Industry

TCEB deepens Strategic Partnerships in Events Industry

Global Road Shows spree by TCEB is not only winning it large Business, it is consolidating Thailand position as a premier destination for Business Events and MICE in the South East Asian region. TCEB Strategic partnerships with key members and service providers further boosts its marketing strategy and elevates Thailand as a fast-growing MICE sector.

Namrata | MICE INDIAA | 31 March 2019

Strategic Partnerships

TCEB is no longer promoting and marketing Thailand as a Business Events destination. But it is aiming several notches higher.

“Thailand is rebranding itself as a Thought Leader, as a Co-Creator, as a Partner and Collaborator for the Business Events Industry”

Mrs. Nichapa Yoswee, TCEB’s Senior Vice President – Business

It is now partnering with regional and global event communities to co-create and co-locate events; and is identifying new ones at IMEX Frankfurt, IMEX America and IBTM World Spain, where TCEB can bring large Global events into Thailand by working along with them.

TCEB has listed 10 key industries in “Thailand 4.0” model: Future Automotive, Smart Device, Health Tourism, Biotechnology, Food Processing, Robotics, Aviation, Logistics, Biofuel, Biochemical, Digital, Integrated Medical Service. Read related

At the 2019 edition of IMEX Frankfurt, a new INEX-TCEB-AACVB strategic partnership will be written. TCEB will be driving the Asian Association of Conventions and Visitors Bureau (AACVB) aggressively forward. The One single-most objective of the will be to study the economic impact of the Business Events and MICE industry on the national economic growth. The ultimate aim will be to gain enhanced trust from government, policy makers, business community, social and academic entities in the economic importance of MICE industry.

TCEB is working with Associations like ICCA; and PCOs as well to match the synergies of local Thai PCOs and partner with international PCOs to organize business events in Thailand. The collaboration will assist Thai MICE operators and service providers upgrade knowledge and skills; and improve bouquet of services to cater to new potential business.

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