Dev Diwali – When Gods travel to earth to celebrate ‘Festival of Lights’

Dev Diwali – When Gods travel to earth to celebrate ‘Festival of Lights’

Dev Diwali (or Dev Deepawali) the Indian festival, is the time when Gods come down to earth and celebrate the Festival of Lights. Tourists from all over the world visit to enjoy the Ganga Mahotsav, a five-day extravaganza, when the city is lit with earthen lamps, is a must visit affair

Bindiya | MICE INDIAA | 8 December 2018

Varanasi is one of most popular travel destination in India for tourists around the globe. The city economics lives and breathes on tourism. Some travel for tourism, some for spiritual peace and some to enjoy the strong cultural heritage of the destination.

One such time of the year, when the entire city and all the 87 ghats of Varanasi are lit up, is the 15-days period when Dev Diwali is celebrated. This period, post actual Diwali, arrives on the night of Kaartik Purnima (the 15th lunar day of Kaartik month). This year, the celebrations have been much bigger and larger. A musical laser show was part of the grand extravaganza and was mesmerizing.

It felt as if the entire city population stood on the banks of the pious Ganges morning and evening, as the priests performed the Aarti. The international tourists described the experience as magical. The serene waters of Ganges, the flickering lights, the camera clicks delivered a stunning spectacle.

This year, 2019, Indian Bollywood stars and celebrities visited the city during Dev Diwali and experienced the celebrations first-hand.

According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that as Lord Shiva defeated the demons on earth, the Gods descended to celebrate his triumph. To welcome the Gods, all the ghats are decorated with oil-based earthen lights and flowers; renowned signers and artists share classical musical performances and live dancers create an atmosphere of heaven on earth; and the skies are filled with incredible fire-crackers show, as the day comes to close. Only waiting for the next morning to arrive, and the celebrations continue.

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