India Inbound – Corporate Incentive Travel

India Inbound – Corporate Incentive Travel

India Inbound travel market is in top gear to generate a larger share of the pie, by promoting itself aggressively at the global platforms, tweaking product offerings and ensuring the destination lives upto the positioning it has created for itself

Namrata | MICE INDIA | 12 June 2017

India Inbound – The Opportunity

It is this time of the year the global leisure and corporate travelers start scouting for destinations and identifying India as one potential destination is definitely on the shortlisted menu. Though now, India is a 12-month destination but still many consider it as a 9-month market for travel (obvious reasons and months – May-July every year). But the sunny flip side of the story remains that India is one of the most favored corporate incentive travel destination and the preferred choice for leisure and luxury travelers as well.

Over the years, as the travel and tourism industry in India unfolds itself as a more mature destination, the growth that we see in numbers for India Inbound is on the rise. India is still short of big numbers but atleast a positive encouraging sign is witnessed. Thanks to the 29 individual States and UTs that have made an aggressive push to secure a larger pie of the India inbound travel market. And have simultaneously upgraded the destination, the product offerings and marketing strategies to the needs of the incentive travel market.


The Cherrapunji Waterfalls

India Inbound – The Readiness

Goa – one of the most favored destinations has transformed itself from being a pure beach destination to an adventure sports market. Kerala – probably the best choice within India has everything under the sun, is transforming itself to an organic, pure, blissful, green destination. Global travelers also choose Kerala – God’s own country for its therapeutic properties and its supreme ranking for Ayurveda and Naturopathy, helping travelers attain good health and peace within. Coorg – the Karnataka follows suit. Truly, an organic destination, Coorg is for total relaxation, nature walking in tea and coffee gardens and touching the clouds, simply breathtaking. The 7 Sisters (North East India) is at its best during this time of the year, with plenty of rains, waterfalls, flora and fauna in full bloom, the rich biodiversity and a strong human connection with nature. For the uninitiated, Cherrapunji – the wettest place on the planet that receives rainfall all time of the year, is spectacular and a feast for eyes.

Cut to Rajasthan. For India Inbound, Rajasthan tops the chart. It is the destination for the Connoisseurs, the Royals, and the rich and famous. Rajasthan – where a traveler was treated with hospitality that was royal, has morphed into a luxury destination. Don’t get me wrong, at some of the most luxurious properties in Rajasthan you could expect to be wait-listed if you are late to reserve a room for yourself. Some of these ultra-uber and luxury properties operate only for six months a year. And of course, all this comes at a price. Many global travelers now look at Rajasthan as a destination to exchange wows and choose Rajasthan for a luxury wedding.

India-Inbound-corporate-travelSrinagar – though many would consider it unsafe, the destination is undergoing a 360-degree change. It is becoming safer and tourists, especially domestic tourists are returning to the valley to get a glimpse of what was originally called the heaven on earth.

Madhya Pradesh – the ancient, archaeological and forest destination that lies on the centre of the Indian map is rich in national parks, safaris and reserves. The religious and Buddhist circuit of BodhGaya is already booming with tourists and is an important member for taking the ranking of the India Inbound pie to greater heights.

It’s high time, look at India afresh with a newer perspective. India is changing.

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