India progressing up in the international value chain: GBT

India progressing up in the international value chain: GBT

American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) reveals that India is fast progressing up the international value chain and has expanded from traditional outsourcing to advanced technology and product development, alongside many other areas of business. MICE INDIA reports

Bureau | MICE INDIA | 14 August 2017

American Express Global Business Travel

Global-Business-Travel-AmexGlobal Business Travel study reveals that US remains the top most visited country from India (outside the APAC region). And that the Technology and Engineering sectors are driving this popularity. The number of business travelers and flyers towards San Francisco and New York has been so huge that Singapore (which occupied the number 2 position) was forced to move to the fourth position.

“This is a hugely exciting time for India from a business travel perspective. It is widely thought that India produces the most engineers in the world and they are of high value to many nations who need large scale support,” says Elyes Mrad, Managing Director, International, American Express Global Business Travel.

Delhi remains the top destination for domestic business travel while London remains the number one destination for international business travel. London, New York and San Francisco dominate the top three destinations for international business travel outside of Asia-Pacific, as well as overall.

“Many Indian companies are growing internationally, acquiring companies and creating jobs. The nation’s thriving start-up culture is driving many innovative technologies. This is evident in Silicon Valley, where entrepreneurs of Indian origin now make up a significant percentage of the community.”

Global Business Travel: Delhi #1

Travel from Delhi and to Delhi domestically and Internationally has witnessed significant growth, even though it has been at #1 slot being the political hub and also being the corporate hub for the country. Mumbai the financial district, the stock market hub, the professional services hub follows next. Bangalore the tech hub and Chennai – India’s strongest manufacturing hub drive similar flying traffic.

With newer states domestically getting the status of smart cities, privileges of special economic zones, development incentives for manufacturing and IT, Business parks it is quite evident that the next American Express Global Business Travel study will see another level of disruption in the domestic flying traffic numbers.

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