Government – Large MICE Consumer

Government – Large MICE Consumer

The Indian Government collectively accounts for single largest MICE Consumer in the country. The current austerity measures may severely impact the Indian MICE market

Namrata | MICE INDIA | 25th September, 2013

Government-Large-MICE-ConsumerGiven the current fiscal state and the economic conditions, the Indian Government is coming down heavily in a drive to cut down expenses and also reducing the non-planned expenditure. One of the expense categories shortlisted, in the austerity drive, is MICE. The fine print reads and specifically mentions cutting upon Conferences and Meetings at 5-star hotels.

Sources suggest that the Government accounts for almost 10-11{3fa1768a34f590735d448042a6c3256e40839d9d51c629aaab52c6482db8b206} consumption of the domestic MICE market. Almost all the State / Central Government Conventions that happen within the country use the ballrooms of 5-star hotels, specially New Delhi – Mumbai and Metros. Reducing the number of Meetings and Conventions that take place at the hotels will seriously impact the hotels top-line and bottom-line. The Indian hotel industry has going through difficult times lately. And the austerity measures announced will further dampen the moods and spirit.

The reason Star-hotels are the first and the most preferred choice for MICE Conventions, Star-hotels offer it all. Large ballroom venues, city-centric locations, great ambience, decor, smaller meeting rooms, choicest cuisines, variety of in-house restaurants, bar, accommodation, separate entry-exit, security and above all, shortest possible turnaround time. Hotels in India are well-equipped to deal with issues surrounding Government Conventions – VVIP movements, security, last minute changes, short notice periods, modifications and cancellations. Owing to some of the key advantages Hotels and only hotels deliver, hotels are extremely optimistic that MICE will still get its due from the Government, though the yield might reduce.

With around 20{3fa1768a34f590735d448042a6c3256e40839d9d51c629aaab52c6482db8b206} rupee devaluation that has happened in the last one quarter, India has become an attractive destination, hopefully the hotel business should witness a respite with the peak season beginning October – March. But this can in no way make up for the losses or idle Convention inventory.


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