Hyderabad Convention Bureau – Gearing up for a busy 2019

Hyderabad Convention Bureau – Gearing up for a busy 2019

In the MICE landscape of the corporate and business sector of India, Hyderabad is the new buzzword. The city retains its top stance for being the most favored destination for all international conventions, meetings and trade shows into India. Hyderabad Convention & Visitors Bureau shares

Bindiya | MICE INDIAA | 30 November 2018

Hyderabad Convention – On a Winning Spree

Hyderabad destination, the numeruno contestant amidst the MICE circles in India, has its calendars full for 2019. With several conferences lined-up 2019, the next year seems extremely busy for brand Hyderabad and HCVB (Hyderabad Convention & Visitors Bureau).


Mr. Gary-Khan, CEO, HCVB

Speaking exclusively to MICE INDIAA, Mr. Gary Khan, CEO HCVB, revealed that the city is getting into gear towards a busy 2019. Hyderabad has won bids to host large conferences.

The prestigious Conferences won for Hyderabad by HCVB for the year 2019 are: The World Design Assembly with India Design Forum 2019 and the 14th ASIA-OCEANIA ORL-HNS Congress 2019. The Bureau under the able leadership of the CEO Mr Gary Khan has played a significant and strategic role in shaping the MICE industry in Hyderabad and bringing a total of 37 global Conferences and Association Meetings, since its inception about 5 years ago.

The World Design Assembly (by the World Design Organization) for Hyderabad 2019 will be in collaboration with the India Design Forum (IDF) and the Department of Industries & Commerce, Government of Telangana. Under the theme Humanizing Design, the WDO’s 31st Assembly will be held in tandem with a five-day local design event organized in conjunction with the IDF and HCVB (under the aegis of the Government of Telangana), which will include installations, interventions, exhibitions and workshops that demonstrate the power of design to improve the quality of lives.

Hyderabad Convention – Popular MICE Sectors

HCVB gives attention to the potential conferences that are most relevant to the subjects evolving in the city. Some of the primary subjects are: Information Technology, Medical Sciences, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and Finance etc. The Bureau takes the initiative in bidding for conferences which have the ability to change the outlook of the city in the terms of development as well as showcase Hyderabad in a broad perspective as a most preferred MICE destination. The Bureau focuses on bringing the conferences to the city which is endowed with a great economic impact.

The infrastructure of the city has significantly improved and strengthened in the field of air connectivity and hospitality. Also the destination is an extremely safe metropolis to visit or live in; and has also won the second best city in the world award. Strengths like these provides a strong impetus and a great impact for boosting the image of the city globally; thereby help bringing more conferences to the city. The MICE industry is viewed as a mechanism to further accelerate the overall travel and tourism trade. The end result is more business for those commercial and industrial sectors capable of absorbing conference and convention delegate spending.

ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) in its report published in 2017, ranked Hyderabad at 193rd position across the world.

Hyderabad Convention Visitors Bureau (HCVB) being a non-profit organization works with a mission of promoting Hyderabad as a best MICE destination in Asia. HCVB forebodes MICE industry as a rapidly growing sector in the city, with a huge number of conferences and meetings will be held here. This sector would be growing bigger and better by 2019. It states a scope of wider exposure to the city as a MICE destination.

Hyderabad Convention and Visitors Bureau

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