Indian MICE and Conference visa simplified

Indian MICE and Conference visa simplified

Indian MICE News – The Indian Government has simplified the Visa grant rules, making it easier for the international MICE and Conference delegates visiting India to attend an international conference/seminar/workshop. Certainly, a move that will help bring more International Conventions to India; and achieve the ambitious 2{3fa1768a34f590735d448042a6c3256e40839d9d51c629aaab52c6482db8b206} share from the global MICE pie

Press Release | MICE INDIA | 4 April 2018

Indian MICE – Welcome Move

The Ministry of Tourism India shared that the updated instructions have been issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Government of India vide its circular number No 25022/8/2018-FCC, dated 28th February 2018, relating to the grant of Conference Visas.

Indian-MICE-IndiaPreviously, security clearance was required from the Ministry of Home Affairs for organizing an international conference/seminar/workshop in India. But now it has been clarified as per para 13.5 of Chapter 13 of the new Visa Manual pertaining to Conference Visa, that clearance is required only if the event falls within the following parameters as mentioned in para 13.3 of the Visa Manual:

(a) If there are participants from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, foreigners of Pakistani origin and Stateless persons and

(b) If the participants of conferences/seminars/workshop are required to visit ‘Restricted’ or ‘Protected’ areas in India or areas affected by terrorism – Jammu & Kashmir and the North Eastern States (other than the States of Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland).

All the Missions and Posts have been notified that only such event which, from the standpoint of parameters as mentioned in the two above require a security clearance of MHA, a notification atleast 30 days prior to commencement of the event should be sent for requisite approvals.

In all other cases, the Indian Missions and Posts are authorized to process and issue Conference Visas to delegates on submission of an invitation to Conference from the organizer and no security clearance is required from the MHA, for holding the event.

Indian MICE – Poised for next leap 

To make things still better for the Indian MICE, the MHA is also launching a digital online module for application submission by the organizers of international MICE Conferences, seeking clearance from the Ministry, for organizing an event in India. The clearance for holding such event will be processed through this online system and sent to its organizers.

The Indian MICE Industry and MICE INDIA has hailed the MHA for such a wonderful move.

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