Sustainability key take-away at Bali and Beyond Travel Fair

Sustainability key take-away at Bali and Beyond Travel Fair

6th edition of Bali’s premier B2B Tourism and MICE expo is just around the corner. Bali and Beyond Travel Fair 2019 is scheduled for 25-29 June 2019 at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center. The theme chosen is the one which demands the most immediate concern of the global event industry – Sustainability.

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The theme – Journey to Sustainable Tourism will bring to surface several hidden and key issues. Issues that need to be adopted for preservation, conservation and protection of marine life, nature and culture.

Bali – Promoting Sustainable Tourism

Bali is a land of bliss and rejuvenation. Marine and aquatic life, human and nature co-exist seamlessly at the destination. And God’s too love to shower blessings in Bali. Tourism is at peak in Bali and visitors from around the world flock at the destination to unwind and relax.

When so much happens at the destination, it brings with itself several challenges for preservation. And Bali is concerned about protecting its environment, its culture, its aqua-life, its traditions and the likes.

At the Bali and Beyond Travel Fair 2019 edition – the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre will witness over 250 corporate incentive travel players, mice companies from Delhi, mice companies from India, tourism players from around the world to promote tourism baskets. A record 300 highly qualified hosted buyers will be invited with complimentary flights, accommodation and post-show FAM tours to showcase products Bali has to offer. A large contingent from the UK has already been confirmed to participate. Buyers from France, Netherlands, Italy, Germany and parts of Eastern Europe – Bulgari, Estonia, Poland and Russia have also confirmed the attendance. India, of course, usually has one of the biggest buyers number participating at the show.

The Bali and Beyond Travel Fair is actively supported by the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia. A gala welcome dinner on June 26 officially opens the event. The farewell dinner on the 28th is sponsored by the Indonesian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC). Partners like the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, INDONOMO and Starbuck Coffee promote the event extensively and participate with an extremely high-degree of enthusiasm.

Partners in Sustainable Development

The Sustainability theme for a destination like Bali is absolutely the need-of-the-hour. Kudos to the organizing team at Bali and Beyond Travel Fair to have chosen an apt theme. Hotels, Convention Centres, Transport and Logistics companies, Destination Management companies, Event Companies, Wellness and Mindfulness, Adventure, Cruise Experience, Signature Events, Corporate Incentive Travel firms, MICE agents; all need to contribute equally if we wish to make an earth a better place to live.

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