Gopalpur on sea – a ‘Coveted’ MICE destination

Gopalpur on sea – a ‘Coveted’ MICE destination

Gopalpur on sea is a major tourist attraction in Odisha and one is its main attractions is the Mayfair Palm Beach resort – a popular MICE destination

Bindiya | MICE INDIA | 23 January 2016

Magnificent Gopalpur

Gopalpur on sea is famous for its pristine languorous sea beaches and serene environments that captivate tourists with its enchanting charm. Cluster of coconut and palm trees along with white sand dunes overlooking the vast blue waters provide an ideal location for tourists who love beaches, sea sports and other aquatic engagements. It is the one of the enticing, sea beaches in Eastern India frequented by savvy tourists who love to romance with the sea. The small beach town retains its oriental charm from its old maritime days when it was a thriving commercial centre carrying trade with many south eastern Asian countries. Understanding its importance, a new modern port has come up which has buzzed up activity in the tranquil beach town.


Mayfair Resort Gopalpur

One of the major attractions of Gopalpur on sea is its flourishing hospitality properties of whom Mayfair Palm Beach resort at Gopalpur stands out as a crowning jewel. One of the coveted resorts on every tourist’s itinerary, Myfair Palm Beach resort bewitches guests with its majestic features and aesthetic charm. A heritage property frequented by travel connoisseurs, it provides the guest with unforgettable experiences. Equipped to address a wide range of needs whether of personal vacation, family functions or business meets, Mayfair is ever alert to make experience of guests resplendent with joy.

The 1914 multi cuisine restaurant is a gastronome’s delight that enthralls guests with a wide array of buffet menus. Those who have to treat their in-house guests and keep them in humour, there is the beach bar that addresses their needs. The lighthouse lights up your moods and lifts you to a newer height of pleasure. The pool deck and bars here will drench you in joy literally and figuratively.

Impressive Conference venues and board rooms take care of the corporate and MICE side of the story. For those who want to organize a MICE event, the Mandap is a perfect take. The pool table, beach volley, swimming pool, fitness centres, library and lounge, kids’ rooms, children’s parks, sun decks and horse carriages are there to provide a holistic holidaying experience with a nuanced taste that bears the trademark Myfair signature.

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