Reimagined AIME – The Next Big Wave in Business Events Industry

Reimagined AIME – The Next Big Wave in Business Events Industry

Reimagined AIME 2019 edition, against the backdrop of an extremely robust Victorian economy, was Buzzing with Business. The New Look, The Reimagined AIME, The Larger Show Expanse, The Broader Show Floor, The New Show Zoning, The New Booth Designs, The Reimagined Food and Beverages Service, The Out-of-box entertainment design and more; clearly spelled and indicated an New Fresh perspective on how AIME will look like in editions to come. Mr Matt Pearce (CEO, Talk2Media) in an exclusive tete-a-tete with MICE INDIAA Editor Shekhaar

Shekhaar | Editor | MICE INDIAA | 20 March 2019

Reimagined AIME – Insights

The global MICE professionals landed in Melbourne for a day of Education and Insights; and two intense days of Business, Networking and Entertainment. The visit delivered the professionals an incredible experience into the New Reimagined AIME. New Success Stories have been written at this 27th edition of Asia Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event (AIME). “The changes brought-in by the new Events team – Talk2Media have been the outcome of 18-months of talking to the global MICE fraternity and taking feedback, on how to make AIME better and the event of the future”, shared Matt Pearce (CEO, Talk2Media).

Karen Bolinger CEO Melbourne Convention Bureau shared her excitement on how well Melbourne as a city was blossoming, with MICE and Business Events Industry garnering outstanding economic results year-on-year. And that the New Reimagined AIME is going to strengthen the position of Melbourne as a preferred Meetings and Incentive Destination.

Karen shared an interesting insight in the Meetings and Incentive space. She said “Events can have a long lasting Impact. They are platforms for Social Change. Not just do they bring in Social Change, they break barriers in personal and professional life”. And at AIME 2019 Inclusivity and Accessibility have been the key differentiators. Guide Dogs Victoria is a Social Cause actively being promoted through AIME 2019. Karen also said “Events Industry is changing from being Transactional to building a Community”.

There can be no Economic Transformation without Social Transformation; we understood the real desire for change at AIME and feel confident that we have begun the transformation of AIME – both in economic and social terms, shared Sherrif Karamat, President & CEO, PCMA in his Keynote address.

Mr Sherrif also shared that the USD 1.07 trillion (Source: PCMA) direct spends Business Events Industry, also spends another USD 1.57 trillion in indirect spends. Just imagine the lives the Business Events Industry is changing for the better.

Business at Reimagined AIME

The show floor was absolutely Buzzing with Business right from the start. With over 350 Hosted Buyers (60% of whom were from outside Australia), 2500 delegates from across 38 different countries and 300 exhibitors, combined to create 8,400 Business Meetings.

The Hosted Buyers were immersed into the experiential side of the Melbourne city. An Uncover Melbourne Day highlighted the Cultural, Culinary, Sports, Art and Research story of Melbourne. Giving the visitors a sneak preview into the Melbourne Hidden Venues, Unique Creative Event Spaces, Taste of Australian Wines, a walk around the Wharf, a view of the city’s cultural heritage from inside a boat, and a taste of Outdoor and Indoor Cinematic, Arty and Sporty modern and heritage city architecture.

Transformations @ Reimagined AIME

AIME 2019 scaled Strategic Partnerships to a new level altogether. Stronger partnerships were written and created. PCMA – the Education Partner; ICCA, SITE, Saxton and MEA came together to encourage engagement, participation and community development. Burning issues and development opportunities were deliberated by experts in the events space. The knowledge programs were more purpose-driven experiences than plain vanilla one-side communication.

One of the ICCA sessions highlighted the fact that Events are all about Integrated Story-telling. They are moving away from Content to Experiences and Engagements. They are bringing down the walls and building Communities.

AIME has been strongly promoting Collaborations and Partnerships amongst members in the ecosystem, private players and with the government as well, to create better customer experiences. AIME and Melbourne Convention Bureau are working closely with partners like Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC) for infrastructural enhancements in Technology, Food and Digital space; 35 New hotels developments in the city by year 2025, with additional 33,000 room inventory; and expansion of the Melbourne Olympic Parks to name a few.

The star highlight of the AIME 2019 was the Entertainment programs. Imagine an entertainment evening in a Shack. Large heaps of wood and heavy building materials were creatively packaged to create an innovative event ambience. Completely Out-of-the-box; novel concepts than just regular dance parties at the hotels; well-imagined and executed with a panache; innovative and memorable; something that will be talked about for long, after the show.

AIME championed a new vision for Sustainability and warmly embraced and integrated it into the event. AIME collaborated with key partners to promote environmental sustainability and reduce waste at the event. Larger green initiatives by MCEC; a new reusable and recyclable booth design by Decorative Events & Exhibitions; and the likes were an integral part of the AIME 2019 edition.

Truly, Reimagined AIME is going to create the Next Big Wave in the Business Events Industry. With a completely new thought and design; new strategy; and experiential – engaging – transformational; AIME is going to one MICE event in the Calendar to forward to.

Kudos to Matt Pearce (CEO, Talk2Media) and team for the Reimagined AIME.

Join us at AIME 2020 for amazing experiences
17-19 February 2020, Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre

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