As a MICE Industry driven Digital media platform, MICE INDIAA core service is Content and Communication – Creation, Design and Management. Period.

Consistent and Target-driven Content, over multiple platforms and formats, at one single source.

  1. Content and Communication for Events, Industry, Education and Training, Research, Partnerships, Corporate Incentive Travel, Trade Shows, Promotions and Branding, Web, Social Media.
  2. Content for multiple formats – for Print, Digital and Electronic.
  3. Content for Trade Show, Brand, Venue, Hotel, Convention Centre, Services, Solution Provider, DMC, Event Management and the likes.
  4. Content for Collateral development – for Brochures, Catalogues, Audio-Visuals, Powerpoints, Emailers, Signages, Branding, and more.
  5. Content for in-house Corporate Training and Development Programs.

If you would like to create and design Content for any MICE led activity, MICE INDIAA offers a spectrum of Content and Communication Services – its Creation, Design and Management across multiple formats.

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